SEO and PPC Tips to Make Your Amazon Store Increase Conversion

Over 2 billion active users visit Amazon every month, so it’s not surprising why sellers choose this platform to offer their products. However, you are competing with these other sellers, so you need to find ways to be ahead of the competition and increase your conversion rate. The conversion rate in Amazon is calculated by your sales divided by the number of clicks to the product. It determines how many of those who checked the item bought it. A high conversion rate is good for the business, as it means that many customers who checked your product bought it. 

The average conversion rate for sellers in Amazon is 9.5%. However, it also depends on the category or type of products sold. For instance, luxury items may not have a high conversion rate since the masses may not afford them. You can check your business report with your Amazon account to see your conversion rate per item. In addition, there are various PPC and SEO services and strategies that you can use to boost your conversion in your Amazon store, including the following. 

Use the right keywords

Keywords remain an essential part of marketing your Amazon store. Research on the best keywords to use for your products. Find and use those that your target audience will likely use when searching for items you offer. There are tools that you can use for generating these keywords. Incorporate them in your listings, so Amazon will include your products in the result when there is a match on the searches. 

Pay for Amazon ads

Amazon PPC ads let you be on the first page of the sponsored field when customers search for something relevant to what you offer. It’s a quicker way to be on top of the competition and attract the attention of buyers. You will also only pay per click of the ad, which is worth the value as it will help increase your conversion. 

Create an attractive title and description

A catchy title will attract visitors and entice them to click on the listing. It’s also true with the description. Describe the product so users will better understand what to expect. However, be sure not to add fake information because it could backfire and hurt your business in the long run. If you provide a misleading description, users may click on the product and even buy it. But you could get complaints and low ratings since it was not as they expected. You will lose these customers, and the bad reviews could also push other buyers away. An agency offering Amazon SEO Services can help make your listings more engaging. 

Make your store easy to navigate

Easy navigation adds to a positive user experience. It will also be easier for buyers to find what they need, thus increasing sales. Use high-quality pictures, too, as it will attract users to check or buy your items. Your store design can also say a lot about your brand, so be sure that it gives the right impression. You can get the help of a company specializing in Amazon Storefront Branding Services to ensure you get the best design for your store that represents your brand and is easy for visitors to use. 

In conclusion

Like any other platform, you also need to use various strategies, including SEO and PPC, to increase conversion in your Amazon store. Continue improving these strategies to boost your sales.