Hair & Beauty Uniforms With Added Benefits

The first, and perhaps most important similarity is in the in the materials used. Medical wear is often made using anti-bacterial and keep-cool fabrics to enhance comfort and prevent disease from spreading. These fabrics are a perfect starting point for a therapist uniform, for whom health and safety is every bit as important.

Recent years have seen a huge development in the area of intelligent fabrics, and the days of starched uncomfortable uniforms are long gone. Today’s anti-bacterial and easy-cool fabrics are soft to the touch, light to wear, odour free and every bit as stylish as standard materials. And in addition to providing outstanding health benefits, these hair and beauty uniforms are also simple to look after. With easy-care home laundering they have been designed to be worn, washed, and worn again, and will stay looking sharp and in shape however many times you repeat the process.

The second obvious similarity between hair and beauty uniforms and medial wear is in the design. Tunics with trousers form the basis of this look and offer the wearer the perfect blend of function, comfort and style. These garments are specifically cut with the demands of a physical 減肥針 job in mind. There’s plenty of room to bend, stretch and move without restriction. The arm holes have been generously cut to avoid discomfort and there’s clever use of paneling to provide the optimum in fit. There’s also a range of stylish dresses which take the asymmetrical tunic as its starting point, giving the wearer the same freedom to move while achieving a different professional look.

And this is where the fun starts – because in the beauty industry looking stylish is every bit as important. There’s a massive variety of design details to help distinguish you and your salon and stand out from the crowd. Choose from a mouth watering colour palette, with new shades added every season – be bold in hot pink, aqua or acid yellow to really make a statement. And although the medical uniform may be the starting point, with kimono style fastenings, mandarin collars and ballerina wraparounds to choose from no-one will ever mistake your look with a medical uniform – even though you and your team will receive all the benefits.