Grilled Portobello Omelette Brunch

We recently went out to consume with a few buddies and an individual at the next desk had ordered what seemed to be some sort of eggs in a significant mushroom cap. This actually despatched my creative cooking feelings into overdrive and the outcome from my two 7 days experiments cause this superb brunch recipe. If you’re keen on mushrooms and omelette’s then you will enjoy this recipe. My TAILORED BRUNCH recipe calls for reduced-Excess fat cheese and non-Extra fat egg substitutes, however , you can always use the true matters rather.

What you will want:

4 massive Portobello mushroom caps

four tbsp. shredded small-Unwanted fat cheddar cheese

4 tsp. chopped environmentally friendly onions

4 tsp chopped pink bell peppers

one one/2 cups nonfat egg substitute

The very first thing you must do should be to preheat your grill to medium heat (300 to 350 degrees).

Subsequent you’ll want to eliminate the stems (if any) within the mushroom caps and scrape the gills that has a spoon. When the gills are eradicated place 1 tablespoon of cheese, one teaspoon of green onion and 1 teaspoon on the purple bell pepper into Just about every in the mushroom caps. If you want you could time with salt and pepper to flavor.

Spot the mushroom caps around the grill; fill Every cap with egg substitute. Cover the cap and grill for twenty five minutes or until the eggs have set. It can be a good idea to have everything Completely ready by the time the caps are set so they can be served immediately.

I normally provide them with a refreshing fruit salad in addition to a toasted bit of crunchy baguette bread. These mushroom caps can also be made inside the oven, just make sure to put a cookie sheet or foil underneath them as they are able to operate over and spill very easily.