Christmas Lights LED Style

If you are looking for great energy efficient lights for your Christmas decorations, take a look at LED Christmas lights.
They are terribly efficient. They can save an estimated $ 10 for every 300 hours of use. They use less energy, which helps you save money.
They can also save you in the frustration department. LEDs won overall in durability tests. They didn’t burn out even after 4,000 hours of testing, like normal lights, that one or two lights would go out on a strand in half that time.
If you have LED Christmas Lights the slightest concern that your tree lights are a fire hazard, LEDs are a great option. While they aren’t brighter, they actually run cooler.
As for the price, you will pay more, but you can expect them to last much longer than the same old Christmas lights. LED Christmas lights can also be used both indoors and outdoors. Not only will the lights last longer, but the wire that the lights are hung on is usually made of thicker wire. This helps avoid shorting the wire and actually makes these lights pretty easy to store.
One reason people haven’t started using LEDs as holiday lights before has been a lack of color. This is no longer a problem as technology has not given creators the ability to enhance colors and make LED Christmas lights visually appealing. LEDs that save money, save energy, great colors and long life – what more could you ask for in holiday lights?