About Mercedes Benz Limos and Chauffeurs

A limousine, or limousine for short, is usually a high-end vehicle driven by a well-known chauffeur having a compartment within his vehicle that is separate from the passenger compartment. It has a high comfort level, allowing the client to relax after a long day of work, while the chauffeur looks after important business matters. These cars are usually luxurious and the interiors are designed to offer optimum comfort and luxury.

Limousines have undergone several modifications over the years, adding features like a more powerful engine and a longer wheelbase to cater to the increasing demands for them. Now limousines can be considered as both sports and commercial vehicles. The limousine industry has, however, received a boost with the introduction of SUVs in the market. Cars with stretched wheelbase are becoming more popular, especially among teenagers. Such cars can be fitted with additional audio systems and CD players with the help of a stretchy wheelbase. Many manufacturers are now producing limousines with lengthened wheelbase to cater to this demand.

A stretched limousine would suit a customer who wants the maximum possible space within a limited budget. It offers excellent performance and its spacious interiors accommodate a number of passengers. Most common types of limousine that has a smaller wheelbase are the Lincoln navigators, the Cadillac Escalades, the Chrysler 300M, the Toyota Camry, the Jaguar X type, and the SUV limousine. The luxury versions of these cars are more expensive than the basic types.

Another version that is gaining popularity is the convertible limousine car. This vehicle offers the luxury of a sedan with the comfort of a truck. Many companies offer conversion packages, which allow a driver to convert the car into an SUV, an automobile resembling a limo in appearance. These vehicles are in high demand among young professionals who need an all-in-one vehicle for business as well as pleasure.

Although many people prefer the large sedan to a limousine because of its larger size, it would not be wrong to say that the limousine could be considered a luxury vehicle. Limos offer more privacy and a greater amount of space. A large sedan on the other hand, would only be suitable for groups traveling together, although it would be an enjoyable and comfortable ride for any passenger. Chauffeurs, however, prefer the large sedan because of the comfort it provides and the luxurious interiors that it could offer.

One of the most important features in a limousine is its interiors; therefore, the company that produces it should be able to provide elegant and luxurious interiors. Many limousine companies offer extensive service packages that include maintenance, repair, and upgrades. In most cases, passengers can expect a very comfortable and luxurious ride because most Mercedes-Benz cars have an excellent cabin design.